“17” Game Of Thrones Real Filming Locations You Want To Visit This Summer!

Have you been to one of the Game of Thrones kingdoms?

If you’ve ever wondered where you could find the real locations of Games of Thrones map in the real world, you will find out the awesomeness in this article.

The actual locations used in the hit HBO TV series. The main Game Of Thrones headquarters are at Paint Hall studios in Belfast, Northern Ireland, where most of the interior sets are housed; the better part of filming Game of Thrones also takes place in Northern Ireland, but many other European countries, and even African filming locations, have been used as well.

Most Game of Thrones filming locations have benefited from increased tourism due to the publicity, but not everyone has been pleased. It is rumored that Maltese officials complained that protected habitats were damaged during the GOT filming, forcing future shooting to move to Croatia in season 2.

Laws involving the transportation of animals have also required filming in the USA (Season 3, “The Bear and the Maiden Fair”), and Canada (Season 5, scenes involving a Direwolf).

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Enjoy knowing the real filming locations

  • Kingdoms & Events VS Real Map
  • Here is the Real Places:

#1 Kings Landing – Dubrovnik, Croatia

#3 Royal Palace Of Dorne – Real Alcázar Palace, Seville, Spain

#4 The Road From Kings Landing – Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland


#5 North Of Westeros – Thingvellir, Iceland


#6 Long Bridge Of Volantis – The Roman Bridge, Cordoba, Spain


#7 Pentos – Ouarzazate, Morocco


#8 Winterfell – Doune Castle


#9 Daenerys And Dragos Wedding – Azure Window, Malta


#10 Meereen – Kliss Fortress, Croatia


#11 Yunkai And Pentos – Ait Benhaddou, Morocco


#12 Iron Island – Murlough Bay, Northern Ireland


#13 Astapor – Essaouira, Morocco


#14 Landscapes Of The West – Krka National Park, Croatia


#15 Thermal Spring Or (Jon And Ygritte Love Nest) – Grjótagjá Cave, Iceland


#16 The Stormlands- Cushendun Caves, Northern Ireland


#17 The Burning Of The Seven – Mussenden, Northern Ireland

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17 Game Of Thrones Real Filming Locations You Want To Visit
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